Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Fortress Fire & Security ANPR is an innovative identification technology for traffic surveillance, toll collection, traffic management and many other projects where accuracy, speed and automation are essential objectives.

Due to its outstanding technology, its high accuracy rate, the speed of image processing and its adaptability, Fortress Fire & Security ANPR is among the best of its class. In addition to its capability of reading Latin characters, the Fortress Fire & Security ANPR engine can read EU, Arabic, Chinese as well as other types of number plate.
The software can execute continuous license plate reading even at vehicle speeds of up to 150mph. This feature is especially important in convicting speed limit violators or for use in automatic toll collection projects, just to mention a few.

Fortress Fire & Security ANPR’s built in database facility is fully configurable allowing integration into existing data sources, i.e. DVLA, Human Resources Databases, Booking Systems, to name but a few. SQL Server based backend allows flexible configuration and configuration.

It is a critical issue to provide an ANPR system with images of appropriate quality level. Our Ultra Low Lux B/W ANPR camera provides high resolution and high intensity even in IR ranges for day or night images.
To provide optimal conditions for taking an image, an IR illuminator device is included with the ANPR camera. This IR illuminator is built up of low power consumption LED's, and works as a flash. Therefore, the power consumption is only about 10W while the light emission is 2000W. When the IR flashes, the camera takes an image of the passing vehicle's number plate, which will be transmitted through analogue video. As the IR illuminator works at an undetectable rand for human eyes there is no disturbance for drivers.

The ANPR Camera is an all in one unit including a camera, a 2000 Watts IR flash, IR filter and a synchronizer special designed and optimised for vehicle identification applications.